• Camino al andar
    Feature documentary 'poetic essey' where twelve personalities discuss the evolution of mankind.
  • World Citizens
    This is the umbrella covering my activities related to my films which focuses on the ideal of a World without frontiers, a fairer World for everyone, a better and more friendly World.
  • Human Landscape
    A series of documentaries making up the current human landscape portray the stories of people from all over the world.
  • Muhammad Yunus
    Portrait documentary on Muhammad Yunus, the banker to the poor and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.
  • Bahá’ís
    A group of bahá’ís residents in Spain talk about their religious beliefs and the guiding principals of their lives.
  • Mary Sutherland
    Portrait documentary on Mary Sutherland Maxwell, wife of the guardian of the Bahá’í religion.
  • Anís
    Documentary based on Mr. Ruhollah Mehrabkhani's on the illustrious Mirzá Muhammad Alí'Zunuzí.